And thus the day ends


Hello fellas, the IT world is heating up.The best but odd news has come from the buyout style of Dell inc selling itself to Michael Dell.And interesting part is that  Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of DELL inc.

                                 On the mobile front ,BB aka Black Berry is planning a grand launch of BB 10.And was launched in UK followed by US launch on 30th Jan.For those who want to check how blackberry fared ,then follow this link.Well Black berry people are enjoying the launch but Apple might be drinking top to bottom in pain,Why?.

Oh because court has refused Apple’s request to ban the sales of Samsung galaxy. Their tit for tat war(patent war) has been going on for long time and has been considered as a cold war in tech-world.Who knows when its going to end?

                                       Though Apple doesn’t give anything free easily (without registration)but there is rumor that ios 6.1 is available without developer account.And has blocked Java because of security risks,even the Department of Homeland Security urgently recommended that users disable Java.

                             Well wrapping today with Sony’s decision to stop the manufacturing of mini disc player.Sony was the pioneer in  mini disc players.But has been reported to continue making the discs for the player.

                               Thus, the day ends with some cheers, bitter fight and mourns due to the end of the manufacturing of a disc player era.Hoping for better tech-world for the coming day.Till then good night and happy  IT-ing 🙂