The tech news of the day

Hello fellas,the day seems to be one of the dull days.I know,the day was buzzed with twitter account hacking.But after that tech-world went to snooze mode .No real news,no tech-happenings.Well Sony has announced the PlayStation date on 20th Feb.I know,it’s a news most of you were waiting for. And I am quiet sure most of you will queue in line to get hands on.

Well the day is also ending with the news on hacking but the hacker in the news has been imprisoned by the British court for being involved in targeting  visa and PayPal sites.

Whereas,the Iceland refused to help the US authorities on  Wikileaks case  as he is upset about the US interviewing Wikileaks associate without informing Icelandic authorities.

As the tech-world is getting bombarded with the hacking news,this one has come from US and the security researchers has confirmed that Chinese hackers hacked New York Times last September and has lifted  the key employees data.And as usual ,the claims had been refuted and called baseless by China.But I still wonder,why finger is pointed to China for some major hacking activity happening elsewhere.