Twitter hacked and Facebook’s fakers

HACKED! That’s the buzz-word for the day .And it’s buzzing everywhere in and out of twitter.Because  security of twitter has been breached.Shocked!.Thats what Twitter’s Information Security Director  Bob Lord confirmed on his blog.

And has advised to reset the password for all twitter users.So if you are a VIP or has big followers list ,then reset your twitter password ASAP .You can get more updates on the twitter blog

Well social networking has always been the chaotic place with many real and farce.And even Facebook is not insulated from this human nature.Human nature?,Correct!.Because most who are not so social try to present them as such on any social networking site(and that’s human nature).

And this led to creation of about 75 million fake accounts on Facebook alone.I think people are giving more time showing off  on-line than off-line .(That’s Sarcasm-another human nature 😉 )