MediaFire replaces download links with ‘buy now’ button

You read that right.The Megaupload episode has put many file hosting sites like rapid-share and others to take second thought on the illegal contents nesting in their servers.Taking a cue from Megaupload,MediaFire has stopped the downloading of illegal content and has replaced the download link with the “buy now” button.Others are taking this action as a precautionary measure by MediaFire to save itself from the authorities in the future.

Though company has made clear of not deleting any content from their sites.On the other hand,they have  released their storage service to offer 50gb free storage.And has also published an API to collaborate developers.MediaFire has also released an Android app to send and receive files directly.It also has a camera to upload photos directly.

Well ,looks like the mantra of  “earning  money ,the real way ” seems to be working for them.What you fellas say.Share your say.