Oracle starts rolling new Java update to patch security hole

And thus,the Lion awakens from the slumber.Thats what can be said with the way Oracle has been handling the Java security holes issue. Oracle was looking the other way till yesterday when Apple  blocked the java by updating their browser plugin and providing the java updates to their users.And today,Oracle started rolling out updates.Java being used on multiple platforms makes it more vulnerable to the end users .Because hackers can use the common exploit on multiple platforms to compromise the end-user privacy.

Most may say that they were fast in giving the updates considering the fact that those updates were scheduled for Feb 19.So they decided to release those updates early.Oracle has always been criticized for not actively patching the Java till the concerns were not raised by the people.

Well to update the Java ,you can click here to get the latest update.And yes,if you could,please avoid browser plugins and keep Java updated.