Wine aiming to put Windows apps on Android

I know ,most of you must be thinking of getting a wine to drink.Well this  Wine,is like an extra layer which allows users to install windows applications on  Linux platform.So any windows applications which is Windows XP compatible can be installed and run on Linux platform.And thus has helped non Linux users to try Linux with their windows applications.

And now,Wine is planning the same on Android.They are planning to put the Windows apps on the Android platform.So if you are an Android user like me,then you must be cheering this news with a glass of wine.(Like ,I am doing it,typing while sipping wine).

Why am i happy?.Oh!, this is the most fascinating question.Because I always wanted the windows style ,full-featured apps on android .But there was none .So now i can decorate my android with some windows applications very soon.What you think about the move.Which applications do you want on Android.Do comment.