Twitter adds age restriction on Vine

                                              Porn industry is one of the major force in adopting new technology.Be it HD or Blue ray,they were the one to adopt new technology.And their adoption rate of new technology and service has become so fast that porn content sharing has become the headache of the twitter. Thats right, the chirpy blue birds new video service,Vine  is being used by many for uploading short 6 second porn clip.

                                   Because of users uploading  porn content using Vine,twitter has to put age restrictions for the video service. Initially the age restriction  for Vine was 12 but now has been raised to 17. Twitter has updated the terms but has not included porn,nudity as a  violation  of terms of service.

                                                 The videos can be reported and blocked.Twitter has made the porn search difficult by removing hashes.Lets see if twitters action can slow down the pace of  porn video uploaders.

What do you think about the twitters move.Do comment.