Microsoft scroogled Google

The news of Gmail replacing Hotmail as a no 1 email service  had been tough on Microsoft turf.So they rolled out Outlook to compete with Gmail.But outlook was not able to create any craze among the techie users.So to increase the outlook users base,Microsoft has adopted old strategy of blame the roost.And has been kickstarted by scroogled campaign.The campaign highlights the way Google searches the users email content to post user specific ads.And this as per microsoft is a breach of privacy of the customer.

Google has denied the allegation saying that the service doesn’t rip every email personally but uses the technology to post the ads to keep the service free .Microsoft claims that their Outlook service doesn’t use methods to check users emails.The tussle between Microsoft and Google has been going on for a while.This was started with the Microsoft’s claims that Google search results are biased.Though claims were found to be baseless .But this has not stop microsoft from aiming the bulls at Google.Time will tell how far will Microsoft go to beat Google in the race.