Bush family’s privacy goes online

Yeah I know, but its a fact. And one has to live with it, no matter what. I Bush family’s personal emails and some pics were posted by a hacker name “Guccifer”. The leak includes secret home addresses, emails and phone numbers of Bush family members. It also includes the emails  during Bush hospitalization. The hacker has leaked the emails from year 2009 till October 2012.

The hacker managed this by hacking 6 email account of the Bush family members. The investigators are still investigating the matter. Whereas, Guccifer has said that the investigators are behind him since long time. And has targeted Bush family because George Bush was the CIA head from 1989 to 1993.

Bush has become the member of politicians whose accounts were hacked. Sarah Palin was the first politician whose yahoo account was hacked during 2008 US presidential election. I would have love to get hands on some leaked photos which shows Bush in the bathing suit. Well till then, enjoy the news. Who knows when one such pic land in your email account?