EvasiOn becomes the most popular ios jail break

How many time  it has happened that someone has told someone not to do something and someone has followed it.Well that’s something has happened with the Apple and its users.Apple warned the ios users from jailbreaking and also gave them the list of things that may go wrong on jail breaking the phone. Well but we are humans and we love to take risk.And that’s what made EvasiOn star of ios users.Apple users went rampage jail breaking the phone and more than 7 million ios were jail breaked.Thats a big number considering that the tool was released on Monday.

The Cydia app which allows user to search and install new softwares and tweaks on the Apple layer. Apple has promised to retaliate by pushing an update which will patch some of the updates. But new update dint made much change. Though Apple has rewarned the users from jailbreaking the phone. Well I am with Apple users, whom do you support?