FBI employees download pirated movies and t.v shows

The news may be surprise for some but not for others.Because the BitTorrent being a popular service had found its way into some of the departments which abhors BitTorrent verbally.Why its not a surprise? Well sometime ago a report was published stating studio employees using BitTorrent for pirating copyright content.These are  the same studios who are always targeting torrent sites for everything.

As per Torrentfreak,FBI guys has found to be downloading loads of movies and t.v shows.And to the surprise they all share same choice.Atleast they have something in common,doesn’t matter even if it is illegal. As per Torrentfreak, they all share affection with title  such as “Homeland”, “The Girl Who played With Fire”, “The Good Wife” and “Dexter”. Other titles, including the Aussie soap opera Home and Away.

But the million dollar question is that how will FBI explain this to general public, who always speak about rules and ethics? And this time, the ball is in Studios court.How will they take the shot?  What do you think?