A School Principal at day,Rapper at night,Parents appalled

Everyone has its own way of ending the day. Some like to do street dancing,few goes cycling and running and some like to rap.So what if a full-time school principal goes rapping on YouTube. Well that’s what New York daily news has reported about a principal from Boston 80.And this has made parents little more concerned about their children’s education.They are questioning the principal’s night life as a rapper who goes little physical with the girls in the videos.

Going by the name of “El Siki”,he was shown in a Mexican video ordering champagne,dancing on the floor and taking a girl back home.

Personal Note:-

What he do after school is his private life.Like a boss or a manager can’t decide what an employee should do after job.Same hold true for principal.And should only be judged on his school performance rather than what he do after school

Official Action:-

Education department has confirmed about looking into the matter respecting parents concerns.

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