Flickr pics goes public from private

Anyone imagined what a bug can do? Well,it can give some unexpected results.Or the application wont deliver the right result,its meant for.But Flickr bug was different in all aspects.It made all the private pics of Flickr users public. Though the pics were not indexed by the search engines but were public to Flickr users.Though pics uploaded between April and December 2012 were affected. And were visible from 18th January till 7th February 2013.

But the acknowledgement on the forum created a furore among the users.Flickr made the matter worse by turning all the photos to private,changing the url of the photos.Thus,making the photos inaccessible. The bloggers were worst affected,as they had to individually set the permission of every photo.Though ,Flickr for now has reported about fixing the problem and has put extra precaution to avoid the problem in future.But humans are prone to do mistakes.Any idea what future bug would reveal ?