Grom,new social network for kids

Need is the mother of invention.Something similar is the story of Zach Marks.Denied by his father to join Facebook, he created his own social network site exclusively for kids.Grom, started by a 12 year old Zach Marks, is becoming a new social destination for many youngsters.It was started because Zach’s father  didn’t wanted him to join Facebook.Though, Zach built two Facebook profiles but was caught later.

So he planned to start his own social network site.With the help of his father’s friend, Zach took one year to build and launch a website. The content is kids-centered and was developed by Zach.The website currently has more than 14,000 registered users.Even the apps for android,blackberry and iOS are available.


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    • Hello David,Hope you are doing great.Yes,the registration for Grom is free,it would be a perfect platform for kids to learn about social network.Even adults can join Grom and can enjoy the new social platforms from kids perspective.Do comment about the experience,kids had with Grom.

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