Linux goes the Update way

The day seems to me a Linux update day.Because lots of new updates and releases are happening as the time passes.The day was started with the release of Updated Linux kernel 3.7.7.This update has brought driver updates and some minor fixes.This was followed by the release of Gnome environment for testing.The new Gnome 3.7.5 has brought the classic mode along with the updated applications like Nautilus,Epiphany etc along with the regular updates.

Then came the major announcements of the day.Fedora 18 was released on ARM platform.Dubbed as Spherical Cow,fedora 18 comes with most updated packages including Gnome 3.6 and Xfce 4.10 desktop environment.And big switch of  Mariadb over MySQL by Chakra Linux and Fedora 18 .MySQL was being used with Linux since a long time.A switch is considered to be a new trend fork in Linux community.The Linux community is active than other communities and are putting new releases on the table almost everyday.Do keep a check on the post on the Linux update.


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