Software to keep track on people using social media developed

The news is scary but true. Defense firm Raytheon has developed a software that will help countries to keep track on users using social media data and predict future behavior reports The Guardian.The software can get the information by using the data from websites like twitter, Facebook etc. The software has been developed with US defense to analyse “trillions of entities”  from cyberspace.Named as RIOT,the software can get the user’s life on social network websites with very detailed information about the  posts,pictures posted on such sites.

This software can be used a tool for monitoring users in controlled cyber space like China and Middle East .It has raised serious concerns about civic liberties and privacy.Because the data collected by software can be used against the user anytime in the future.Though Raytheon has denied selling the software to anyone yet .But technology has been given “EAR99′ clearance,means it can be exported to most of the countries without any restrictions.