Malware on LA Times

Though the news is old but important one.The Avast blog has reported about a LA Times sub domain redirecting users to black hole exploit.Black Hole kit  is a bunch of malicious modules which try to exploit various browsers plugins’ vulnerabilities.Avast went through the logs from the community and confirmed the presence of clean and infected iframes .The iframe points to intermediary ip site, which immediately redirects to domain hosting Black Hole 2 exploit kit. Websites used in this attack are hosted in USA.

Avast quoted as saying ,” we’re seeing the HTTP server with installed malicious module, which changes the file on the fly –they’re unmodified on the disk so that the admins see only clean files and uploading ‘verified clean’ file would not fix anything.”

They have seen the infection starting from 23rd December and is still active.

Last word :-

Update the antivirus software regularly before browsing the wild internet world.