Opera getting ready to make Chromium, Red O

300 million opera users day  marked the end and start of a new story for Opera.Though everyone expected Opera to party the 300 million user base with some bash but instead gave a shocker to the loyal opera users.Opera announced the stopping of Opera development on Presto and  shifting  from Presto to WebKit engine.Presto engine was developed and used in  Opera browser for efficient working on mobile and desktop platforms since last 20 years.WebKit is used by Safari and Google chrome browsers.

Opera will be putting Chromium with the Red “O” on mobile and desktops. Opera has already started the work on Chromium and has submitted the work to improve multi-column layout.The browser war is going to heat up with the browser rivals Safari,Chrome and Opera working on the same engine.What will that bring for the users? , much better and faster browser.What more does a user needs?