The Apple day

Apple news round-up on device announcements and hic-cups:-

Apple stopped from using iPhone in Brazil

An Apple a day keep doctor away.Well,Brazilians do seem to agree on that,but in other way around.The Brazillian regulators has denied Apple from naming their mobiles as iPhone in Brazil. IGB Electronica SA who applied for the name in 2000 and was granted the same in 2008 holds the trademark.And has launched their own iPhone brands last December.

iWatch rumour confirmed

The rumour about  iWatch has been confirmed by Bloomberg.As per Bloomberg,100 designers are working on the iWatch. iWatch team includes the designers from iPad and iPhone .The iWatch is being designed to allow the users to operate their iPhones from iWatch.

New product launch

New MacBook Pro launched with 13 inch and 15 inch has been upgraded with new processors.The 13 inch has  2.4 GHz processor inside and 15 inch boasts 2.7 GHz processor .The price of 13 inch has been cut by $200 to $1499 whereas the price of 15 inch is $1699.