BitTorrent trackers site attacked by DDoS

Many times the threats are taken lightly by the site owners.Because in most  cases ,the threats just remains threats and are never executed .But this time the threat was real and hit hard on many sites. Zeiko Anonymous who was on public spat with took down some of the major BitTorrent sites which includes and IPTorrents and other. These BitTorrents are the major  BitTorrent trackers.As per TorrentFreak,the  spat turned dispute started  around November 2012 and made news after dispute went public. didn’t accepted the demands of Zeiko and thus  made Zeiko attack The attack on was done  using  DDoS method ,thus shutting down the network.The attacker has also attacked  including The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, 1337x, BitSnoop, Fenopy, TorrentPortal and some other torrent sites.Though the other  sites were not in any dispute with the attacker.Some sites are still down and are still  to recover from the attack.