Microsoft Vulenarability used to attack Uyghur

Spear Phishing  mails attack was discovered by Kaspersky and AlienVault against Uyghur. The mail contains .doc file which exploits the Microsoft Office Vulnerability(MS09-027)  targeting the MacOsX users.Similar attack on Uyghur took place at March 2012 using RAT by exploiting the same vulnerability.

Attackers used the documents like WUC Hacking Emails.doc,Concerns over Uyghur People.doc,Uyghur Political Prisoner.doc and Deported Uyghurs.doc for the attack. Once document is opened,the exploit is triggered and opens a backdoor for remote shell execution and file transfers on infected MacOsX. AlienVault has found similar attacks against the various ethnic groups like the Tibetan people and other NGOs and human rights organizations .

The image shows the screenshot of an email:-