IRS Spam returns with penalty threat for tax returns filing delay

People are busy filing their tax returns and so are spammers .The recent incident reported by Dynamoo‘s

blog has found the IRS spammers sending emails to users about penalty, they irs spam have to pay for delay in filing tax returns. The following email was sent by spammers to the tax filers:-

Herewith we are informing you that you are required to pay a surcharge for not filling the income tax return prior to January 31.

Please note that IRS Section 7117-F-8 specifies a money penalty of $2.000 for each Form 479 that is filled later than deadline for filling the income tax return or does not contain the exhaustive information described in 7117-F-8.

You will be released from the pecuniary penalty when the taxpayer shows that the failure to file was caused by substantial reason.

Please visit official website for more information

The link for the official website routes the user to malicious servers of Lithuania and Korea. As we warned you before,please do not click on such links. IRS never send such emails to users and please tell others about the same.