Rogue Google Chrome Extension used to get more Facebook Likes

This is the news coming from Bitdefender who has found a chrome extension which is being used by cyber criminals to get more likes on Facebook.Bitdefender found such  page with 40,000 likes which has no proper content to worth so many likes.The working is simple,on downloading Chrome extension,the user is routed to plugin page to download the Business Flash player.Thus,giving access to the Facebook cookies and likes on users behalf.

The extension monitor users online methods and will call the javascript from a script hardcoded to plugin.Thus showing the ads they want several times,spam your friends accounts and can also connect to your computer from other computer.The extension also shows specific pages to be liked on Facebook.The more the likes are,high is the value of the page in the market which crooks can sell to other cyber criminals.And these criminals will change the content ,the way they want and can sell any fake products to the consumers.