Google glass launched

Google’s ambitious project names “Glass ” was launched yesterday with lot of buzz.The project based on augmented reality takes the voice input and obeys the command.Be it recording video,taking a snap or sharing the same with the friends in real-time is handled smoothly by the gadget.

The Glass looks simple and can take a place of your regular glasses.if you wear it for style.Anyone can try the gadget for $1500.So if you got some spare dollars in the pocket,then the gadget is yours to try.Or else you can enjoy the Glass by watching this video.



2 responses to “Google glass launched

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    augmented reality is a technology that’s time has come – Google obviously thinks so. There are already some great companies in this space. I just hope they dont get wiped out by Google.

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    Ve google gözlükler. Artık telefonunuz gözlüğünüzde. Fiyatı da 1500$ civarında olması bekleniyor.

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