Firefox OS to be launched by Alcatel,LG and ZTE

The day before MWC is normally silent while every tech journalist uses every spy trick to get the details of the new products launch before the official launch. And this made Mozilla PR guys to think of the perfect launch for firefox OS,the pre-MWC day.The Mozilla launched its Firefox OS with a bang, announcing the support of 17 telecom partners.

The manufacturers like Alcatel, ZTE and LG will be launching the devices followed by Huawei gives Mozilla a strong hardware base.Firefox OS devices will be launched in Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Venezuela which has low mobile penetration.This is being done to get better ground for competition.

The mobile is based on Linux(Boot to Gecko project) and has been designed for direct integration of HTML 5 apps with the javascript which increase performance and also keeps the OS stable. Mozilla has also partnered with the content providers like Disney mobile games,EA games, Facebook and others.

The new mobile OS has definitely increased the competition and has created waves among the mobile-ians.Even Ubuntu is gearing up for their official Ubuntu phone launch and has kept their cards close to chest.Can a new entrant survive in the cut throat competition where every day goes with patent and intellectual rights war would be interesting to watch.