Jailed hacker hacks jail computers

Nicholas Webber is a hacker who is in jail for 5 years.He is the creator of GhostMarket,a global ‘crimebook’ with 8,000 members worldwide – gave tips on how to create computer viruses, harvest credit card data and use it to pay for goods on eBay, as well as offering to sell details of 100,000 stolen credit cards.

He has been accused for running multi-million internet crime site.He somehow got himself into the IT class and the result was just unexpected for the jail authorities. Daily mail has reported that the computers of the jail were hacked but jail authorities said that no personal data was accessed as the network was the closed one.The teacher of the class has been banned from the prison,and the tutor(Mr Fox) has denied the knowledge of the accused being a hacker.This incident would definitely make him do a background check of the students before admitting in the class.Oh by the way, name of the jail is “HMP Isis“.