Sony seeks $233,000 from Beyonce’s file-sharer

File sharing is always a fame rewarding for many sharers,but this might change if the lawsuit is accepted in the Swedish court.Lawsuit has been filed by Sony music against the file-sharer for pre-release leaking of  Beyonce music album reports TorrentFreak.The suit claims a damage of $233,000 from the person which was identified by the legal monitoring.

The claim is that on June 8, 2011 a man from Gothenburg shared Beyonce’s album ’4′ in advance of its June 24 commercial release date. The case was made even more interesting following the revelation that the 47-year-old is a music industry worker.

Though many has doubts about the record labels damage calculation as the album was not released at the time.The poll at the torrent freak site shows many respondents “angry ” on the Sony move while others consider it as a scare tactic.Speak out and let me know what you think about the move.