Twitter kills Tweetdeck

Twitter is either taking bad buying decisions or are not clear about how to handle the purchased products.They have announced that Tweetdeck for iOS,android and Air will cease to work from May and will be replaced with the twitter only application.This has been done to use the recent web technology.The Tweetdeck apps will be removed from the respective stores and will be replaced with Twitter app ,which will handle twitter as was handled by Tweetdeck .

The same was done with another twitter product it purchased. Posterous spaces was one of the best blogging platform giving direct competition to Tumblr.Twitter was not able to use Posterous  for itself  and the product was shelved.For now,Twitter is working on new features like auto-update tweet ,auto-search,photo filters etc to make app better for the users but has not updated without the Facebook integration.

Seems to me a late learned lesson.