Malware injected Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit message in circulation

Sophos reported about a new malware injected email being sent to users as a Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit message.The email looks authentic but its fake.Email instructs users to download and run a software for email validation,which is a malware attached to the email.The email template is the same that you see below.

Dear Email User,

Due to a new vulnerability which is exploited by hackers to steal your online details.

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit in 2013 has hereby developed a new security measure.

All users of the Internet and Microsoft products are hereby required to validate there email account information irregardless of their Internet service provider or Host company.

To validate your email account and to prevent hackers from exploiting the new vulnerability.

Please download the "Microsoft_STF" file attached, extract the file on to your desktop and open.Once done you will updated on Microsoft security database.

Please note that if your email is not validated, your email will be at risk for hackers getting into your personal or business email account there by getting access to classified or privileged information.

2013 Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit


PS:-Please avoid clicking on any such links and be clear ,”No company will send you any emails asking you to give your personal info,unless you signed up for something”