Skype China technology hacked

Bloomberg reported an interesting news about the student named Jeffrey Knockel, a science graduate at the University of New Mexico who managed to hack the technology used by TOM-Skype.This has  also exposed the old tale which was lored by many in the tech-world but was never proved.Microsoft was always accused of recording the user’s conversation .The current hack proves the same which was denied by Microsoft many times.

How the technology works :-

The conversation recording starts the moment any listed keyword is used and the user’s account information along with chat and message details of the user’s  at other end is also recorded.

Blame Game:-

Microsoft has distanced itself saying TOM is the major stakeholder,as the TOM-Skype was using local Skype version.

Conspiracy theory:-

Privacy was always the debatable topic in China and with the recent hacking incidents pointing to China has given one more ammunition to target China.

Current situation:-

The ball is rolling between TOM and China while others are waiting to know if the same can be practiced in their country