1 out of 10 android apps are malware:Trend Micro

After the Apple warning Android  users to be safe online citing the report from F-Secure,this time it was Trend Micro to  question Android security.And they did this with the data analyzed on 2 million applications out of 7 million apps,still the results could shiver security conscious Android users.I am making such a bold statement,because of the results they have presented.

These are the findings:-

1) 293,091 Apps classified as outright malicious and a further 150,203 classified as high risk. It took Microsoft Windows 14 years to attract this volume of malicious code!

2) Of those 293,091 malicious apps, 68,740 were sourced directly from Google Play. It’s not just Chinese and Russian app stores.

3) 22% of apps were found to inappropriately leak user data, over the network, SMS or telephone. The leaked data most often includes IMEI, ICCID, Contact data and telephone number. A few apps were even found to leak data using the microphone and camera (along with several other kinds of private data).

4) In addition, 32% of apps were classified as “Poor” in terms of battery usage, 24% “Poor” for network usage and 28% for memory usage.

Android  should put more attention on the app screening before putting it in the Google play, though they hold the master-key to clean the malware apps with a click.