Yahoo email users account hacked

Yahoo is facing worst nightmares.This was started  during January when the Yahoo mail hack was reported .Yahoo cleared that the issue was fixed the same day.But then the Yahoo mail accounts hacking report came from Australia ,compromising 75,000 email users.The XSS vulnerability which was identified by the Bit-defender was also confirmed to be fixed by the Yahoo.

But the Yahoo words were just words without action because users are still  reporting about the emails getting hacked.The users are getting hacked by clicking on the fake MSNBC link received from hacked accounts.There is also news of a fake technical support number , when called ,the support representative was asking the users $100 for assistance.

Yahoo is the 3rd largest email service provider.Such reports could dent the image of Yahoo and can make the users switch to Outlook and Gmail.

HTTPS security feature added:- Coming under pressure,Yahoo added  HTTPS support silently to its email service.The feature can de  enabled by :-

going to Options –>Check “Turn on SSL”(This option is at the bottom of the options page).