Samsung Galaxy S4 officially launched

Time:- 7pm,

Venue:-Radio Music Hall,

Place:-New York City.

Event:-Samsung Galaxy S4 launch

All eyes on what Samsung will show, after the stupendous success of Samsung Galaxy S3.Whether it will be some iPhone mock with much slimmer and lighter than the past mobile phone  or just a regular design.Many such questions dwelled the minds of each and everyone.And with Apple doubting Android just a day before launch,the event became a win or lose for Samsung which leads the Android market.And so the right one to give a fitting reply to Apple.

And Samsung didn’t disappointed the mobile-goers or mobile-ians.Based on the time-tested successful design of Samsung Galaxy S3,the handset comes with 5 inch FULL HD Super  AMOLED screen.The specifications are the same as were posted yesterday.

Android 4.2.2 with 13MP rear and 2MP front camera with 3G and 4G connectivity support steals the day and would give Mr Schiller some hic-cups for sure.

Enjoy the phone pic till you get hands on:-