AOL fake email virus alert targeting AOL users discovered

Cyber criminals always use emails to target users,but this time they used a security update alert to get the login details from the AOL users.As per the Hoax Slayer,email purporting to be from AOL claims that a TJ2117 virus has been detected in the recipient’s computer folders and he or she must click a link to login and switch to a secure anti virus system.

Email looks like this:-

Subject: Customer Care Solution

A TJ2117 Virus has been detected in your folders. Login Here to Switch to the new Secure TJ2117 anti virus 2013.

Thank you for choosing our service.


America Online

The email warns users about the pc being infected with TJ2117 and wants users to click on the link to download new antivirus.The page takes users to fake AOL page asking users to login with username and password.On doing this,the user is forwarded to official AOL page.

Users who clicked on such email and typed their username and passwords on fake page  are requested to change the passwords.

Source:- Hoax Slayer