Billboard hackers rewarded

Few days ago,Billboard hacking was reported from Serbia which was hacked by Ivan Petrovic (21) and Filip Stanisavljević (20).They hacked into Billboard and posted the Piratebay logo with the quote of Mahatma Gandhi.They also posted the video on YouTube which went viral,The Billboard company ,DPC was full of praises for the duo.They were happy to be notified of the problem in such unique way.And has rewarded them with iPad mini 4g each.

“I think it is unusual and very cool to respond like that,” Ivan adds. “It probably wasn’t the best way to demonstrate the vulnerability, but perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten their attention otherwise.” According to DPC’s manager the two students are lucky to be in Serbia, as things may have ended differently in other countries. “In more developed countries, these actions are unthinkable because of severe sanctions,” he said.


Source:- Torrent Freak