Non microsoft applications makes Microsoft vulnerable:Report

Everyone blame Microsoft for security flaws and  the weak security makes it the easy target for  hackers.But the report published by Secunia points the finger to non Microsoft products.About 86% of discovered vulnerabilities were found in 50 most popular applications.The non Microsoft or 3rd party softwares are responsible in making Window weak and vulnerable. Out of which,most of the vulnerabilities were highly critical.

The number of vulnerabilities is on the increase, but many organizations continue to turn a blind eye, thereby jeopardizing their entire IT infrastructure. It only takes one vulnerability to expose a company, and no amount of processes and technology that supports operating systems and Microsoft programs will suffice in providing the required level of protection,” said Morten R. Stengaard, Secunia’s Director of Product Management.

Key findings from the Secunia Vulnerability Review 2013:-

  • Non-Microsoft (third-party) programs rather than programs from Microsoft are responsible for the growth in vulnerabilities.
  • 86% of vulnerabilities in 2012 affected third-party programs, by far outnumbering the 5.5% of vulnerabilities found in operating systems or the 8.5% of vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft programs.
  • The total number of vulnerabilities in the Top 50 most popular programs was 1,137 in 2012, showing a 98% increase in the 5 year trend. Most of these were rated by Secunia as either ‘Highly critical’ (78.8%) or ‘Extremely critical’ (5.3%).
  • The 1,137 vulnerabilities were discovered in 18 products in the Top 50 portfolio – that’s 63 vulnerabilities per vulnerable product on average.
  • In 2012, 2,503 vulnerable products were discovered with a total of 9,776 vulnerabilities in them. That means there’s an average of 4 vulnerabilities per vulnerable product.

Source:- Secunia