Telenor targeted in Cyber espionage

Telenor ,mobile company was targeted by cyber criminals and stole important data from the computers of Telenor executives.The attack targeted executives to steal the company information.The depth of information stolen is not clear.Since they had access to executives computers ,so indirectly had access to every company information that could be useful to any mobile company.

The attack was detected when high traffic was noted from the computers of several Telenor executives to unknown IP address via various countries .Hackers also managed to take remote control of the machines.

”It looks like those who were behind this have massive resources and a lot of competence,It’s a huge challenge to get to the bottom of this. No matter what you do, you have to have systems that monitor the systems to watch for abnormalities.” Dyrlie said.

It was also started with an email with zip files ,when opened ,installed Trojan in the computer.The trojan sent the information to the command and control center after emptying the information from the computers.

Dyrlie said Telenor couldn’t identify what information the spies were actually targeting, saying it was common for them to download lots of different information to disguise what they really were after. “Therefore we don’t want to offer any opinions on who was behind this,” he said, or what they wanted.

Source:-News and Views from Norway, Aftenposten