Anonymous launch #Op Vaticano,Church websites defaced

Anonymous released a new video launching the #OpVaticano.They started a new operation targeting Church because they look Churches as the place for “oligarchs” which has nothing to do with faith.They are against the people who use Church for their selfish motives and  human scandals as a disappointment in a faith.

The statement says “What disappointment! In a faith That preaches the fraternal love and the distribution of goods Between all the men.We Want To Clarify That here we will not attack the Catholic faith, but if to the decrepit and corrupt leaders who Betraying Their Own Government That They preach principles and Their faithful parishioners.”

They have also warned the Church saying that “We will hunt down the Representatives of the faith That not lead by example, who take advantage of the privileged Economic Situation of the church and who mistreated and abuse of children.”

Many websites faced the heat of the new attack. @ La9deAnon defaced the website, which has been restored.The video was released ,showing hacker navigating through the database of the website and the leaked database was posted on Anonpaste

Other defaced websites are:-

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