iOS 6.1.3 update released blocking Evasi0n jailbreak

Apple was trying very hard to stop the jailbreak, which was possible due to security holes in the OS. The holes allowed hackers to jailbreak the iOS which was not possible before and also challenged Apple’s closed system.Though,Apple warned users not to jailbreak,but 7 million evasiOn downloads in a week showed the users support for EvasiOn.

The holes also allowed hackers to sneak into iPhone bypassing the lock screen and making phone calls and accessing personal data.These vulnerabilities were critical putting  the users privacy at risk.

The new set of updates patches all the holes making iOS closed system ,difficult to jaibreak in the future.Once updates are installed , users wont be able to uninstall the updates. Apple credited EvasiOn team for finding the holes,they used for jail-breaking the iOS.

If you are using A4 powered ,then you can still tether jailbreak iOS6.1.3,you can still jail break the iOS 6.1.3.Redmond Pie,has given the screenshots showing redsnOw jailbreaking iOS.

My Word:-

If you are happy user who loves to wander the terrain of jailbreak and enjoy playing with the  apps that are not from Apple store,then stay away from the updates because  your phone will become jailbreak proof.

Source:- Redmond Pie