Google removes ad blocking apps,Adblock plus new release takes backdoor entry

Google always tries to keep its ads ecosystem safe and keeps on changing policies to keep the ad revenue coming.They changed the user policy for all the Google services users use, to use them for increasing the revenue.And now they removed ad blocking apps from the Google Play store because the apps were interfering with the another services in unauthorized manner.It means that the apps were blocking the ads from displaying on devices which had ad-blockers installed,depriving Google from the revenue.

Without considering the users views or hearing the users voice ,they removed those apps which are very useful in blocking the unwanted ads.Most users would agree that no one want ads on the services and apps they use,ads just acts as a distraction for the user.Still,Google removed the apps which was dubbed as a disappointing move by Electronic Frontier Foundation removing the distinction between iPhone and Android.

Next like Phone,they may act against the apps which helps the users to root the phones.So Google’s next move needs to be seen for Android.

Adblock plus did something which could be a tat for the Google’s move.They released a new app for Android which can be installed by :-

  1. Open Settings and go to Unknown sources option (under Applications or Security depending on your device)
  2. Tap the checkbox and confirm the upcoming message with OK
  3. and click on the link to get the Adblock Plus for Android.

Source:- Adblock