Hackers hacks into US system,banks,telecom companies and Pentagon targeted

Hackers are giving hard time to cyber security experts .Everyday, news of hackers hacking into the systems are coming from the States.The new hacks are just the part of the operation  hackers are carrying out showing the US system an easy target to hack.

Current Hacking Activities:-

Operation Ababil:-

As per the Sitedown.co, Citibank and Chase are down since Wednesday morning .The customers were not able to log in to their accounts and then site went down many times a day.The banks were attacked by Qassam group under Operation Ababil. At its third phase,the websites are down keeping the customers away from the online transactions,even after  taking strong measures against such attacks.


Tunisian Cyber Army attacked the Pentagon website along with telecom companies AT&T and Verizon.They have found SQL injection on the telecom websites whereas the Pentagon website has  xss vulnerability which helped hackers to exploit the website.Last time,Tunisian Cyber Army used the xss vulnerability to hack into NASA and french websites.

They also hacked into American Express leaking the details which made many institutions to take strong measures to keep itself secure from future attacks.But this doesn’t seem to stop the hackers from breaching  the websites.

What steps would they take to keep hackers away ,needs to be seen?

Source:-hilf-ol-fozoul, Ehacknews