Malware hacking South Korea identified,no ties with North Korea



The malware which attacked the South Korea broadcasters and banks has been identified by Sophos . Sophos identified this malware as Mal/EncPk-ACE,which is under detection since last 1 year.Dubbed as “Dark Seoul”,the malware was used by Whois Team to target the companies disrupting the services and deleting some data from the affected systems.

Though it was not major cyber warfare attack from North Korea because many believe that they have people who are capable of carrying more sophisticated attacks than the current one.Many users reported of seeing 3 skulls of  Whois Team on the screen but no further information connecting the dots about the Whois Team could be found.

Sophos think that the attack was carried out to disable the anti-virus softwares AhnLab and Hauri AV developed in the country.No other motive has been found for the attacks.

Source:- Sophos