Adobe,Microsoft and Apple fail to justify high prices in Australia

At-last ,Australian commission is asking the questions which consumers wanted to ask for years and the questions are making the top honchos of Adobe,Microsoft and Apple uncomfortable.The commission was set up about  month ago to question the high prices Australians has to pay for the softwares which are cheaper in US counterparts.As per the report,an Australian pays anywhere between 20%-50% more for the same software than elsewhere.

The commission setup under the chairmanship of Mr Jones could not understand the pricing structure ,companies has adopted and accused the companies of being evasive .Microsoft couldn’t explain the price structure and commented : “If we price our products too high our customers will vote with their wallets and we will see our sales decline.”

While Apple blamed the content owners for the high prices.Apple said “The pricing of this digital content is based on the wholesale prices which are set through negotiated contracts with the record labels, movie studios and TV networks”

These comments couldn’t change the commission stance and said “There is no justification for Australians paying more than consumers in the United States for identical products,” said Choice head of campaigns Matt Levey.

The commission also said that the companies continue to keep the prices up because they can and the users have no options ,but to pay the price.

Source:- Sydney Morning Herald