Kickasstorrents,H33T and Fenopy blocked in UK

Kickass torrents,H33T and Fenopy tops the list of most visited torrent site.But this is going to change starting today.After high court ,ruled in favor of music industry group BPI,ordering ISP to start blocking the torrentsites.High Court found that websites are gaining profit by infringing copyright and also supporting piracy.

                                                     This is the second move against the pirates ,after Google removed the iinks of pirate bay from the search results.The users accessing this website were greeted with “page has been locked message”.Many ISP has already argued tha the blocking the websites wont stop the users from accessing the torrent sites. is a proxy service which unblocks the torrent sites.Like wise many such proxy services can be used by the users to access the websites putting the block virtually useless

Source:- TorrentFreak