Hackers arrested for hacking and stealing

Hackers arrested for stealing

Slovenians hackers were arrested for stealing 2 million euros from the companies and were transferred using workers recruited via work from home scheme for non-existent insurance company.

According to cert.si, hackers sent emails attached with malware to the company’s accounting department with late payment notification.Once,the user clicks on the link,malware is installed and starts harvesting passwords.When user failed to remove the smart card containing bank certificate,attackers were able to gain access to the bank accounts.The fund transfer was always done on friday or a day before bank holiday .

Teenaged hacker arrested for hacking,stealing and distributing images on porn websites

Hacker aged 17 was arrested for hacking into mobiles and distributing explicit content. As per 9news.com,Michael William Cook, 17, of Acworth, was arrested on eight counts of cruelty to children and one count of sexually exploiting children.

Sgt. Pierce said Cook hacked into the victims cell phones by sending text messages to his victims from a company called “Maxi Focus Photography”. When the victims responded to the texts it installed malware on their phone. Pierce said it essentially gave Cook access to all the information on their phones.The stolen pics were then sold to pornographic websites.

Source:- Softpedia,Sophos