Window Blue leaked,metro apps revamped and IE tab sync feature added

As the days are passing by , new information has started appearing on the web. And every news is getting likes from the window users.Why shouldnt they, at last Microsoft heard the users and revamped the metro apps. They are also including new inbuilt metro apps in the Blue update. Some more changes were found in the leaked screenshots.

Window Blue Saga:-

Windows blue was leaked on the internet which is of  2.36 GB and is available in 32bit.So were leaked the screenshots of the OS which revealed some new information about the new Windows. Some of the observed features and additional apps are:-

Resizable tiles

At last, this feature is included in the new update. Now, we can’t resize the tiles for the apps.But this will change in Windows Blue. Users would be able to resize the tiles in small and large sizes.

Extensive color options :-

Windows 8 already gives a better color option for customizing the desktop and the lock screen.The new update opens up Pandora box for those who want to style the OS.

Picture Frame mode for slideshow on lock screen

This feature is similar to the iOS feature and would allow users to run slideshow on the lock screen.A minor but intuitive addition in the interface

IE11 with synced tabs feature

Internet Explorer was always a pain for Microsoft and the users alike. So, Microsoft has tried to move apart from the old flaws and designed a browser with synced tabs. Similar to Chrome and Firefox,the tab sync feature will help Internet Explorer users to use the same tabs on another computer and can continue the work without wasting time. Similar to Opera, which mask itself as Mozilla or IE for better user experience, IE 11 also masks itself as Mozilla and can be checked on the below screenshot using IE 11.


New Audio and Video app

New sound recording app and Video app was also included in the  new OS.Sound recording app is simple and suits the metro UI.The new video app “Movie Moments” though not functioning  also has simple interface.

Metro UI Calculator and Alarm

True Metro UI calculator is the new addition in the metro apps list and can be used in conventional and scientific mode.The Alarm app is same as old with no new feature.

To set the stage for smooth transition of Windows 8 to Windows Blue,major update is expected to be release by Microsoft in coming days.So keep an eye on the post for the updates on the new Window OS

Source:-Window9beta,, Winforum