wasvideo.com hijacks facebook users credintials

“Are you in thiss videeo on FB Natalie:P Skip to 1:43 omggg lol. Tyype in wiithout spacces and search your name ——-> www .wasvideo. com.”

you click on the message wondering what it is about. Clicking on the link directs you to “www.fizikubook.com”. The browser will flag the site as web forgery ,still you ignore the warning and continue your quest to reveal the mystery behind the message.And you are stumbled upon a Facebook page.

So you login your details and you are welcomed with VEOH on facebook page with list of videos.As for you nothing happened,you just landed on VEOH facebook page which was supposed to be a link for wasvideo.com page.

So what really happened:-

The link you clicked was a link which redirected you a to forged website,which tricks users to reveal the personal information.Ignoring the warning of browser redirects you to fake and exact replica of facebook page.And when you type in your credential,you lose your facebook details to the hijackers who hijack your facebook page and spam your friends page with the same wasvideo.com  messages.


Try this at your own risk.Follow the website link and when you land on facebook website ,login with fake credentials and you will land on fake VEOH on facebook page with the box at top right hand side for entering phone no. with video strip at the bottom.

So please avoid this or similar messages and inform your friends about the same.

Source:- ScamBook