Hackers hacks and counter hacks on Phillipine’s govt website

Hackers are always in war with other hackers who challenge or hack the websites of their country.The last example of Pakistan hackers hacking into websites of India and Indian hackers doing the same for Pakistani websites.And this is nothing new.Well something similar happened with the recent hack of Filipino websites.

Hacked by lulzsec hackers:-

Anonymous and Lulzsec Philippines hacked the govt websites of Philippines sending a message to the President to act responsibly  towards the country and stand for the countryman.The website armmgov.ph ,was defaced with the message “We know it is very hard for a president or official to do everything that will make their people get satisfied. But you can find a way to have a solution, that makes a good leader, (sic)”.

Counter hacked by Algerian hacker

Algerian hacker H3ll-dz hacked the Brazil Aeronautics hospital website harf.aer.mil.br,warning Brazilian hackers to stop launching attacks against the Filipino websites.The counter hack was fast and was in direct connection with the hack defacing the filipino website.The hospital website was defaced with the message that they don’t want to start cyberwar.

The filipino website was defaced by lulzsec filipino,but hacker hacking the brazilian website for the same, points that hackers either doesn’t want the hackers of other countries to hack into the websites of the their country.In this case,Brazilian lulzsec hacked the filipino websites under the names of filipino hackitvist group to create more support for the attack.