Mozilla to include third party tracking cookies block feature

Ever wondered why you get the ads of the car you browsed once on some site.Or the dress flashes up on the screen with discount offer while browsing some websites.This is the magic of third-party tracking cookies which tracks you all the time when you are online, keeping tab on websites you visit,products you search for etc.

This is going to change from June for Mozilla users.Mozilla is including third-party cookie blocking feature disabling the unrelated ads appearing on the websites while browsing the websites.The feature will be included in Firefox 22 which will be released in June.This feature wont block the first party cookies means the website specific ads wont be blocked by the browser.

Whats for you and me :-

The irrelevant or unnecessary ads appears  every time when browsing websites like an unrelated product discount ad on technology website ,distracting users. This feature will stop all of this and will keep users focused on the site content.

But if you are on website like Amazon or ebay,then ads appearing on these sites wont be blocked.So its a proper balance of the ads appearing at the right place,and may I say at the right time.

My thought:-

The browser will help the users to block the ads without relying on ad-blockers as the ads wont appear on the websites at first place. Giving a peace of mind to users who are always distracted by such ads popping on the screen.