Linux users file complaint against Microsoft

After Microsoft was fined heavily by EU,the new complaint could give some hard time to Microsoft as it never had good relationship with EU commission.The Hispanic linux group representing 8000 linux users filed a complaint blaming Microsoft for anti-competitive practices.As per the complaint,linux users are finding difficult to switch to other operating systems which came pre-installed with Windows 8.

Hispalinux said Windows 8 contained an “obstruction mechanism” called UEFI Secure Boot that controls the start-up of the computer and means users must seek keys from Microsoft to install another operating system.The group said it was “a de facto technological jail for computer booting systems … making Microsoft’s Windows platform less neutral than ever”.

Microsoft said UEFI was an industry standard aimed at improving computer security and the approach had been public for some time.

They also commented on the complaint saying that “We are happy to answer any additional questions but we are confident our approach complies with the law and helps keep customers safe,”

The new complaint has started the old debate about the Microsoft abusing its power against other companies and standards.Interesting case to keep an eye on for the result which could definitely soften the Microsoft stand against others.

Source:- Reuters